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Team Nocton Star-Of-The-Season

We have an amazing and loyal group of people at Nocton Vineyard who have to cope with anything the season throws at them: drought, snow, tractor breakdowns, recalcitrant sheep, changes of plan and of course the occasional ostrich! It seems only right then to introduce one or two of them along the way. Up first, the inaugural team Nocton star-of-the-season is…(drum roll…)

Renee  ….RENÉE!

As our longest suffering servant of the vines, she spends the week watering, feeding and weeding them plus looks after the babies in the nursery. Of course she can’t stay away completely at the weekend so she is the one to greet you at cellar door on Saturdays and you may have met her on the stand at Taste of Tasmania or Festivale. If you want to talk vines, she’s your girl. But every girl needs her comforts and one morning a couple of months ago at -6C, one of them came to light. A small addition to the normal tractor comforts…..

Water bottle

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